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This page is for wigs from spring doll.
All style needs 10 working days to make.
If you ordered dolls from my website, I can combine your orders.
If you only buy wigs,shipping fee needs to pay.
All wigs are made by hand,all decorations in photo didnt include.
The image on the product page could look different from the actual product depending on the setting of the screen.
The image is could be different depending on the actual styling.
Please note that there may be individual differences such as the length and curl since it is produced by handwork.
The wig yarn may fall out little bit when using the wig for the first time, and there may be seams or other colored yarn inside of the head cap which occurs in the manufacturing process, but it is not a defective.
The cap may be seen through the wigs made of light-colored yarn.
Please note that dark colored wigs may cause stain and coloring when worn for a long time.
Frequent use of hair irons and dryers or styling at a high temperature can damage the yarn.
For some products, the wig cap may be seen depending on the design or styling.
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